Soldering iron driver update

Arhi continues to develop the universal soldering iron driver. This is a rendering of the third generation PCB. The soldering iron driver can use soldering pencils with K-type or PTC type temperature sensors like Solomon, Hakko, and Weller, to name a few… Generation 3 has a reworked analog section. It that now fully supports PTC […]

Solomon soldering iron review

While working on his soldering iron driver Arhi did some research on Solomon soldering irons (machine translation). Solomon is one of the largest OEM manufacturers of soldering irons, it can be bought under various names like Nedis, Elanco, Tenma, etc. Replacement irons are cheap, under $16, making them perfect for his driver. The most common […]

HAKKO soldering pencil driver update

Arhi compares his soldering iron driver with commercially available products. After designing and building a open sourceĀ soldering stationĀ for Solomon or Hakko soldering pencils, he posted a full analysis of his project. While his driver has some overshoot, once it stabilises the temperature has less swing then the original drivers. With some PID tuning even better […]