3D Model: USB Persistence of Vision Toy v1c

Today’s model is the USB POV Toy. It’s a hand-held persistence of vision toy, that is can be updated over USB. Check out our workshop video about the latest developments on this project. Want to make 3D renderings of your own projects? Here’s our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board […]

SketchUp 3D modeling software sold to Trimble Navigation

Google sold the popular SketchUp 3D modeling software to Trimble Navigation. Both parties assure users that the free versions will remain available. Google will maintain the 3D Warehouse for the foreseeable future. We’re cautiously optimistic that the free version will remain free, though we’re concerned about monkey business with the licensing. For example they could […]

HOW-TO: Make realistic 3D renderings of PCB designs

3D models in Google SketchUp look great, but with a few extra plugins the results can look photo-realistic. In this tutorial we’ll cover our experience with the Maxwell for Google Sketchup rendering plugin. The Maxwell Fire engine is easy to use. It’s integrated directly into SketchUp so you don’t need to open any other application […]

3D Model: Bus Pirate 3.5c

Bus Pirate 3.5c is the next project we converted to a 3D model. This time we upgraded the rendering with Maxwell’s render plugin for SketchUp. The plugin is free for resolutions of up to 800×600. First select the materials (plastic, aluminum, lacquer) for your object from the preloaded library, then start the render. It creates […]

Dangerous Prototypes 3D project models

We’ve started to build SketchUp 3D models of our projects. To automate the process we’re using the EagleUp export/import script. It builds a 3D model of the PCB and arranges models of components onto the board. Sounds simple right? It is pretty easy, but you still have to find or build models for all the […]

MSP430 Launchpad 3D model in Sketchup

lpm0 writes to inform us of a 3D model he found of the MSP430 Launchpad at 43Oh. The 43Oh crew describes their design: We were looking out for a 3D model of the Launchpad for one of our projects, but could not find any. So we whipped our own Sketchup Model. As far as we […]