3D Model: Web Platform 1.1a

We started building 3D models of our projects. The first design to be converted into the 3D realm is the Web Platform, our tiny web server based on a 16bit PIC mircocontroller. This was made possible by using the import/export script EagleUp.

The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection. They are also uploaded to our SVN. You can find them inside the “art” folders, found in their respective project folders. Check out the 3D view below. You can zoom and rotate the model.

Get an assembled web platform for $40, including worldwide shipping.

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    1. In the past I always used Eagle3D personally, and it is a completely open source toolchain. EagleUP is much easier to use and quite trendy at the moment, so there are lots of parts libraries available. Filip has been doing the models so I’m not as familiar with the process as I am with Eagle3D though.

  1. I am unfamiliar with Eagle3D, is it a full 3d modeling software or just a rendering tool….I use Sketchup because Its a relay nice way to check boards for clearances and stuff, and it can be easy to build cases around it. For more powerful rendering that can easily rival pov-ray there is http://www.kerkythea.net/ it has a sketchup plugin…

    1. Eagle3D is “just” a script for Eagle which generates a Povray file from a PCB.
      There are many knobs and whistles.
      The povray file needs to be thrown into the povray process wich comes with even more options…
      However, if you get all right, you end up with awesome 3D models.

      Guess one problem is the part models. To create povray models of parts you have to create macros in the povray language. This can be rather time-comsuming and nasty…
      However, there are already many parts and it might be a nice community effort to create even more. I tried quickly Ians Web Platform with the recent eagle and povray version… Eagle3D created a pov file and the number of missing parts was not so high… maybe 6-8…. However, rendering an image failed with some strange error message of a wrong syntax.. (strange because the entire syntax was created by a script and lines before was almost identical to the line which seems to fail).

      The example of eagle3D failed too. The povray file could not be rendered due to other errors… thus, I guess I first have to get the toolchain right. Maybe povray syntax changed a bit.
      Unfortunately, Eagle3D last update is 1 year old.

  2. so it’s just a rendering software, you can only get fixed images, which probably take a few minutes to generate.. The whole point of making these models is to have an interactive environment, ie. change the view and zoom in just a second..check it they fit a certain enclosure..visually inspect traces……

    1. Ok, then we talking about two different purposes. I was thinking more in the way of documentation and representation of a project.
      I guess you can do 3D animations too, but it would be kind of time consuming.
      The above object is a flash object?

      I use openscad (www.openscad.org) for 3D modeling. Would be interesting to see if something like this could be done in openscad too. Openscad works nice in the toolchain of all these 3D printers.. thus, after getting your PCB right, checking if all fits well, you could print your enclosure ;)

  3. cool, yes the above object is a flesh thing, that 3D warehouse generates…But the models we are creating are actual 3D objects created in SketchUp…so all the things you can do to a 3d model is possible with it…you can add/remove parts form it, edit them, built a box around them, rotate, zoom, tilt…and so on…and its all done from the SU environment, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

    1. maybe we should move this into the forum ;)

      anyhow could you export the models in a STL format from Sketchup?

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