NimbleSig III RF analyzer using Renesas RX62N

Va7sa designed this RF analyzer as his entry in the Renesas RX design contest. He writes:

The NimbleSig III RF Analyzer is a compact, relatively inexpensive instrumentation cluster intended for analyzing the transmission characteristics of RF circuits designed to operate within the frequency range of 200 KHz to 200 MHz.

The analyzer is capable of generating a pair of frequency agile RF signals with digital accuracy. It has measurement capabilities for gain/loss, phase shift and low level RF power. A tracking generator sweep system mode provides a high dynamic range swept frequency display of circuit amplitude response characteristics. A spectrum display mode permits the viewing of signals in the frequency domain.

The RX62N RDK was a solid choice for the controller. It provides control logic and comms for the various RF modules and for the human-machine interface, 4.3″ touch screen SLCD display. The powerful RX62N RDK with its abundance of connectivity options and supporting peripheral devices provides a paved road for a number of planned enhancements for this instrument.

For an exhaustive description of this project, download this 58 page PDF.

The NimbleSig III is one of the finalists in the contest and proceeds to final round of judging at the Embedded Systems Conference in May in San Jose, California.

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    1. Per the Renesas linked source page, this project was:
      “Created on: Mar 1, 2011 12:39 PM by va7sa”

  1. I built the nimble sig some years ago and it is a really useful tool.
    But that analyser, is a piece of art. I am simply blown away by this masterpiece.

  2. This is a really brilliant piece of work, so much innovation and really could be disruptive in the RF test and analysis market. However the video is presented in such a boring way – the product is seriously cool but the presentation sucks big time!

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