App note: Analysis of buck converter efficiency

Tech note from Richtek on buck converter profiling. Link here The synchronous buck circuit is wildly used to provide non-isolated power for low voltage and high current supply to system chip. To realize the power loss of synchronous buck converter and to improve efficiency is important for power designer. The application note introduces the analysis […]

App note: High voltage inverting buck reduces complexity and board space

App note from ON semiconductors about repurposing a buck converter to produce negative voltages. Link here (PDF) Applications in the electronics industry ranging from sensor−based designs to power amplifiers are periodically faced with the requirement to generate a negative voltage rail. Although many transformer−based designs, charge pumps and other methods have been used to meet […]

App note: RT2875 3A automotive buck converter

An application note from Richtek on buck converter used in automotive application. Link here (PDF) Automotive environment can be quite harsh and designing electronics that need to work reliable in this environment takes special care, and often requires automotive qualified parts. When designing voltage regulators that need to step down an intermediate voltage from the […]

App note: How to generate a negative voltage using buck converters?

An app note from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor on using their AOZ1016 buck regulator to generate negative voltage. Link here (PDF) The negative voltage source is widely used in various applications such as computing systems, LCD panels, audio amplifiers, etc. Using the additional secondary winding of a transformer is the widely used approach to generate […]

App note: Buck converter control cookbook

An Alpha and Omega Semiconductor app note for their AOZ101X buck controller using peak current mode control. Link here (PDF) A Buck converter consists of the power stage and feedback control circuit. The power stage includes power switch and output filter. It converts a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. The feedback control […]

Experimenting with buck DC/DC converters

Mike wanted to build a DC-DC buck converter. He didn’t stop at building one, he wanted to perfect it. So he built it on a breadboard and started experimenting. By exchanging various components and watching a scope for results, he was able to get the results he was looking for. The buck converter takes a […]

App Note: Non-isolated 360mA buck DC/DC converter

This buck converter design uses the LinkSwitch-TN IC to output DC directly from rectified mains outlet.  It converts mains high voltage to smaller DC voltages suitable for electronics devices, and has the ability to output up to 360mA of current. It’s based on the standard buck topology, except that the IC tolerates and works at […]