Renesas promotion board for RL78/G13

Renesas is offering a free development board to those willing to register and give up some information about a potential project. They describe, “The YRPBRL78G13 is a promotion board for the new Renesas RL78 microcontroller family. It supports on-board debugging, flash programming, and is pre-programmed to work with the GUI provided on the included DVD to demonstrate the low-power capabilities of the Renesas RL78 MCU.”

To learn more or to register go to the Renesas Promotion Board webpage.

Baystray via the contact form.

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  1. “Promotion open to United States, Canada, Mexico & South America. Other restrictions may apply.”

    1. Yup, sometimes it really sucks to live in SE Asia. But most of the time it’s quite good – the climate, the food, the cost of living…

  2. We had the Renesas reps in a work yesterday talking about the RL78 platform amongst other things. It looks like a good replacement for the R8C platform although it’s not a straight drop-in. It should slay the R8C in terms of raw performance, and they’re claiming the lowest standby power on the market, which is good news for battery-powered systems.

    Apparently it maintains a high level of footprint compatibility with the old Mitsubishi M16C family, which is probably good news for some people out there.

    It sort of looks like there isn’t a free compiler for the RL78 platform, although IAR offers a “16kB Kickstart Version”, which seems to be available free of charge.

    Probably not going to be a big winner with the hobby electronics / OSHW market unless an open compiler comes along targeting the architecture, but I imagine that industry will use squillions of them.

      1. That’s great! I don’t think I’m actually going to request one (don’t really need it) but it’s really good to see that some companies care about non-American users.
        Thank you, guys!

      2. This one says:
        Application Period] 3rd ~ 30th April, 2012 ??

        Do we have any chance to order one?

      3. SE Asian link is pointing to a promotion which has ended.
        I mailed to Renesas & they reverted that the promotion period was 3rd ~ 30th April, 2012 & is now closed…

  3. I’ve never used their products, which is why I ordered one. Must say, they seem to be fast. I put in the request last night and got my shipping notice this morning.

    1. When we had the reps in the other day, they claimed that RL78 draws less power than MSP430. Apparently some family members can operate down to 1.7V or so.

      They had some measurements to back it up, but in my experience these sorts of claims are often a bit implementation specific so it can depend a little on the application.

  4. Ordered mine Friday, received it today from Digikey. Seems the USB needs a special driver since the USB to serial is provided by one of their ic’s. Windows didn’t have the driver. Has two nice blue LED’s on it :-D That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. BTW, the board says “made in Europe”.

  5. I ordered the EU version from the link above on July 21st and the board arrived today. I installed all the Software from the CD and Windows recognized the board immediately and set up a virtual com port.

    I tried out the demo application and everything worked as expected, but I’m at work and don’t have time to play with it today. I have a few other things in the pipeline before I can seriously work on this thing but I hope to have some time for it soon enough.

  6. I just want to comment on the Renesas RL78/G13 Promo boards. I have been venturing out into new mcu brands in an attempt to find an architecture outside of Atmel that I am comfortable with. MSP430, STM32F4 and PIC have been the few that I have spent time attempting to learn to develop with.

    However, the Renesas RL78/G13 promo board has been my absolute favorite. In terms of documentation, it is not just easy to learn and understand but I actually have fun doing so! With the other MCU’s there was always some part of the learning process that I found very frustrating and had a hard time figuring out.

    This isn’t meant to be an official review of the board, I simply wanted to chime in with my appreciation for it. I’m glad to have been made aware of Renesas microcontrollers. If you are sitting around with one of these promotional boards and you haven’t played around with it yet, start digging through the documentation and you’ll see how easy it is to get started!

    Thanks everyone for your time and thanks renesas for the promotional board.

    Covered in flux,

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