nedoCPU-32 through hole PIC32 dev-boards are available

Shaos let us know that his nedoCPU-32 boards and kits are available for purchase on his site. The nedoCPU-32 is a breakout board for PIC32 microcontrollers that come in through-hole packages. His board has a built in power supply, a quartz oscillator, and a passive protection circuit on the broken out pins. We covered the […]

nedoCPU-32: Breakout board for PIC32s in DIP packages

Shaos is making a breakout board for PIC32 microcontrollers in DIP through hole packages. He based his design on his previous project the nedoCPU-16, a breakout for the PIC16F870 uCs. There is a 3.3v power supply onboard along with all the bypass capacitors required for the PIC32 to function properly. As an added feature he […]

BSD Unix on PIC32 microcontroller

RetroBSD is a UNIX port that runs on the PIC32 microcontroller: The system is targeted to a market of small embedded systems. Main features include: Small resource requirements: RetroBSD requires only 128 kbytes of RAM to be up and running user applications. Memory protection: Using hardware mechanisms, kernel memory is fully protected from the user […]

STATUS UPDATE: PICqueño32 v1.0

PICqueño32 is our knock-off the Arduino-compatible chipKIT Uno32. Earlier this summer Microchip and Digilent released a 32bit, PIC 32 development board. Yeah, it’s in the shape of an Arduino. What sets it apart from others is the open source compiler that works with the Arduino IDE and existing Arduino programs. We decided to make a […]