nedoCPU-32: Breakout board for PIC32s in DIP packages

Shaos is making a breakout board for PIC32 microcontrollers in DIP through hole packages. He based his design on his previous project the nedoCPU-16, a breakout for the PIC16F870 uCs.

There is a 3.3v power supply onboard along with all the bypass capacitors required for the PIC32 to function properly. As an added feature he placed over-voltage protection on most of the broken out pins. The board is designed to be inserted onto a breadboard using a single row of headers.

Via the forum.

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  1. I don’t believe that Microchip’s software (MPLAB) with PICkit2 supports the PIC32 chips. You can use the standalone PICkit2 program to double check this. I had to buy a PICkit3 to program my PIC32MX795F512H and get better support for PIC24FJ64GB002 (works within MPLAB, not just outside with standalone programmer app).

  2. I think you are right – I checked limitations page in latest MPLAB X beta and it says “no” for PICKit2 in PIC32 column and “yes” for PICKit3, but people said that PICKit2 may program PIC32s from standalone PICKit2 GUI also official PICKit2 web-page has PIC32 in the list of supported devices:
    So technically it is possible to program this chip using PICKit2, but it is not possible to debug it…
    P.S. Currently it is not even possible to debug it by PICKit3, because latest MPLAB X doesn’t support debugging of new PIC32MX1XX devices, but programming is working fine

    1. Congrats on the kits available!

      Note that PICkit2 supports only a limited number of PIC32MX3XX and 4XX devices. No MX1XX or MX2XX devices are supported for programming. Recommend you remove PICkit2 from your product page for this item. (I would be pleased to be wrong though…)

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