nedoCPU-32 through hole PIC32 dev-boards are available

Shaos let us know that his nedoCPU-32 boards and kits are available for purchase on his site. The nedoCPU-32 is a breakout board for PIC32 microcontrollers that come in through-hole packages. His board has a built in power supply, a quartz oscillator, and a passive protection circuit on the broken out pins. We covered the […]

Another Microchip TQFP 100 breakout board

Here is another Microchip TQFP 100 breakout board built by Haley0918, similar to the board we posted yesterday. The PIC IC and RESET button are placed on the top side of the board. The voltage regulator, quartz crystal, and all the decoupling capacitors are on the bottom. It was designed for the dsPIC33FJ256MC710 with digital […]