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  1. I recently received a blank board and waiting for the Ethernet connector purchased on Ebay. Could you provide the source code used for your testing. I am interested in getting started. Always better to build on the shoulders of others than to start from zero.


  2. It is a very big application, so I prefer to prepare a small MPLAB project with access to UDP and TCP. Just give me your prefered cpu (dsPic or Pic32) to put in project.
    How can I send to you ?

    Don’t forget that ENC424J600 is limited to 14MHz on spi port. 20MHz is working (big files transfert ok), but out specifications

  3. dsPic33.

    I would like to pursue using the parallel interface which would allow much better performance, I suspect.

  4. I am working on it, but PMP port is on lcd. I will try to use i/o

    Where can I get your mail ?

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