FIRMWARE UPDATE: USB and Serial LCD Backpack v1.1 beta 1

A new test firmware is available for the USB and Serial LCD Backpack. This update fixes some compatibility problems with the LCDproc software, and integrates the separate USB and serial mode firmwares. Now replies to 3 commands used by LCDproc that were not implemented before (replies 0x00 to commands 5,6,7) . This caused some problems […]

Bus Pirate firmware v4.5

Firmware v4.5 for the Bus Pirate can be downloaded here. Changes include: New binary rawwire command for PIC programmer (Logic Sniffer rescue) OpenOCD support (may have been missing from v4.2) Fix to terminal input parser accepting out-of-range characters bug Other minor fixes This will be the last v4 release. The next release will be v5.0 […]