Weekly tutorials on the Papilio FPGA development boards

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 in tutorials by DP

Gadget Factory started a weekly series of tutorials for their Papilio FPGA development boards. First tutorial covers the board’s interface headers.

The first topic? How the Papilio Wing Slot scheme works, did you know that you can address the Papilio pins using several different referencing schemes? If you are writing sketches you can address the first pin on Wing Slot A as: 0, A0, or AL0. Read the article for a deeper explanation of how pins can be referenced.

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4 Responses to “Weekly tutorials on the Papilio FPGA development boards”

  1. asdf says:

    Pin 7 is in two places.

  2. Drone says:

    Immediately dumbs down to referencing the Papilio as an Arduino core. Sad. Take a $75 USD board with a fairly powerful FPGA on it and turn it into an Arduino. Sheeesh.

  3. mimarob says:

    But how much of the gates is used for the arduino? Having a microprocessor, memory _and_ some customizable glue logic on one chip is quite nice.

  4. AF says:

    What wire should I use to connect the Papilio One 500k board to my PC?

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