Driving an LCD from a broken laptop with an FPGA via the Papilio Plus board

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 in dev boards, FPGA by DP

Alex connected up an salvaged laptop LCD to his Papilio Plus FPGA development board. He is designing a pair of boards for easier interface, one is designed as a wing for the dev board, and the other as a breakout for the LCD. They’ll be connected together via an HDMI cable, even though the protocol used won’t be HDMI.

Additionally the panel is driven with four LVDS differential pairs, three for data and one for clock. Currently I have all the signals soldered to a small perfboard with a header that plugs into wing slots BH and AL. The reason I chose these slots is because I need differential signal pins and no single wing alone provides these.

Via the Gadget Factory.


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  1. Drone says:

    Not to disparage the Papilio FPGA boards (great stuff & readily available), but Lattice has some very low cost FPGA dev boards that may work quite well in this laptop LCD adventure. I refer to this Dangerous Prototype post:

    I haven’t taken the Lattice boards for a spin yet and – no, I don’t work for Lattice.

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