MSP430 LaunchPad 4 channel logic analyzer update

OPossum already designed a MSP430 LaunchPad logic analyzer based on our Logic Shrimp. In the latest update he decided to follow our lead in changing the 4 23K256 SRAM ICs for a single 23LC1024 IC. Preliminary design of a 4 channel version using the new 23LC1024 SPI RAM. Hope to find some time this weekend […]

Internet Protocol v6 running on MSP430 with ENC28J60

XPG is developing an IPv6 stack for the MSP430 microcontrollers using the ENC28J60 Ethernet IC for MAC/PHY. He demonstrates his proof-of-concept by having the MSP430 send HTTP requests to a custom PHP server at a push of a button, as seen in the video above. Now, as the 2553 only has 512 bytes of RAM […]

MSP430 Launchpad GamingPack

Max, Brittany, and Kathleen designed a gaming console extension for the MSP430 LaunchPad. It’s called the GamingPack, and it’s based on the similar Arduino shield Gameduino. It features a Spartan 3A FPGA which handles both video VGA output, and input from two NES controllers. Based on the Gameduino, the GamingPack transforms your MSP430 LaunchPad into […]

GIVEAWAY: MSP430 LaunchPad

Today we announce the recipient of the  MSP430 LaunchPad.  There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the MSP430 LaunchPad, thanks for your submissions. Chris gets a MSP430 for his open source aquarium automation idea: I’m busy with some Opens Source Aquarium Automation project (well, the first phase will only be to automatically […]

MSP430 Launchpad Logic Analyzer based on the Logic Shrimp

oPossum built a 6 channel logic analyzer booster pack for the MSP430 Launchpad. His design is inspired by the Logic Shrimp and used SPI serial interface RAM chips to store samples. The MSP430 software is SUMP compatible and works with Jawi’s OLS client. This is a logic analyzer add-on for the TI MSP430 Launchpad. It […]

App note: Multiple time-bases from a single timer module in MPS430 devices

Here is an app note from Texas Instruments describing how to implement multiple time-base outputs from a single timer module on a MSP430 microcontroller. The timer modules on MSP430™ ultra-low power microcontrollers often base several different outputs off of a single time base – a single timer period. This is especially true for the typical […]

LCD touch and button Boosterpacks are available at 43oh

Lars designed and produced these LCD touch and button Boosterpacks for the MSP430. It’s an LCD breakout with 4 tactile buttons or 4 cap buttons, depending on the version. It sits on top of the 430 LaunchPad, but can also function independently if a microcontroller is soldered on. This pack is a good component if […]

App note: Interfacing a 3volt microcontroller to 5volt peripherals

It can be a challenge to interface 5volt stuff with modern 3.3volt microcontrollers like an ARM or MSP430. This app note covers several circuits for voltage translation on input, output, and bidirectional pins. The interfacing of the 3-V MSP430x1xx and MSP430x4xx  microcontroller families to circuits with a supply of 5 V or  higher is shown. […]

3D printed Nintendo portable

Check out The Longhorn Engineer’s Maker Faire project: the 3D printed NES portable. This is basically the Nintendo Top loader board placed inside a custom 3D printed case, with a Play Station Portable screen integrated into it. You can also watch Parker talk about it in our video about the Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 […]

MSP430 based wireless temperature sensor

Toxic239 shared his wireless temperature sensor project based on the MSP430 microcontroller. It uses a 14.089 MHz carrier frequency which is modulated using Morse code, outputting “CALLSIGN T<TEMP> 73”. The source files are available in the forum. For an upcoming low altitude party balloon flight :D we had to put together a simple Morse transmitter. […]

MSP430 based frequency counter with Nokia 1202 LCD

A while ago we wrote about using cheap Nokia 1202 LCDs for projects. These LCDs come with a solderable connector, and are easy to interface over the I2C bus. Toxic239 made a frequency counter based on the MSP430 Launchpad and this LCD. Source code for his project is available in the forum.