Using the MSP430 LaunchPad to program MSP430 microcontrollers

Kerry wrote a tutorial on how to use the MSP430 LaunchPad to program external (off board) standalone MSP430 microcontrollers. To program an external MSP430G2 device, you need to simply remove all the jumpers from the LaunchPad develpment board and connect the TEST, RST and ground pins with your target device (see picture below). Since the […]

TI’s Wolverine is an even lower power MSP430

Texas Instruments claims to have concocted an even lower power MSP430. The MSP430 Wolverine series uCs consume 100uA per MHz when active, and 360nA in standby. TI claim this is 50% less power consumption than any other micro. You can download the whitepaper and check out all the specs. Tasty samples available around June 2012. […]

MSP430 online code editior, compiler, and programmer

Here is an online IDE for MSP430 microcontrollers. You can edit your code, compile, and program it, all online. All that is required is to sign in with a Google account. You edit C-code within your web browser without having to install an IDE such as IAR or CCS on your computer. The files are […]

4-Wire and 8-Wire resistive touch-screen controller using the MSP430

Resistive touch-screen films add more interface options to your projects. Here’s an app note from Texas Instruments on how to interface resistive touch-screens with MSP430 microcontrollers, but it’s good info for any chip: This application report describes how to use an MSP4309 microcontroller to drive and read a resistive touch screen. The hardware and software […]

Texas Instruments anounces new F563x and F663x MSP430 microcontrollers.

Texas Instruments just announced the addition of F563X and F663X lines of microcontrollers to their MSP430 range. Here is the feature list of the new devices: More memory options with 256kB flash and 18kB RAM allow the addition of wireless stacks, more application features, richer graphical user interfaces (GUI) and the addition of a real-time […]

MSPism V2 RF transceiver + MSP430 update

Brian updated his MSPism RF transceiver design to version 2. He added a dual output low-drop-out voltage regulator and a LiIon battery jack. MSPism is a X-Bee compatible RF transceiver with an onboard MSP430 microcontroller, using a cheap Nordic nRF24L01+ module.  The firmware is currently under development. Via the forum.

MSP430 Launchpad 3D model in Sketchup

lpm0 writes to inform us of a 3D model he found of the MSP430 Launchpad at 43Oh. The 43Oh crew describes their design: We were looking out for a 3D model of the Launchpad for one of our projects, but could not find any. So we whipped our own Sketchup Model. As far as we […]

MSP430 FRAM board – 50% Off coupon

octal writes:  the board cost is $29. Enter this coupon “MSP430_FRAM” (without quotes) and you got it at 50%, shipping fees are still free from TI Store. The MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board is a development platform for the MSP430FR57xx devices. It supports this new generation of MSP430 microcontroller devices with integrated Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM). […]

EasyMSP 0.8.2 Beta2 released

MattTheGeek has released his early project code for EasyMSP, which allows MSP430 users to run Arduino code with few modification, thanks to EasyMSP’s AFI, or Arduino Function Interface. The purpose of this project is to create a user friendly dev environment for MSP430 MCUs, seeking to accommodate both beginners and advanced users by providing the […]

DEV.BO Ver 2.0 MSP430F5510 dev board

Nicholas J. Conn of NJC’s MSP430 Launchpad Blog announces the release of the DEV.BO Ver 2.0 development board. This board, based on the MSP430F5510 is easily programmed using the LaunchPad or any MSP430 JTAG programmer. Features include a max clock speed of 25MHz, integrated 32kHz crystal, 25K of flash memory, 1 USCI_A (UART/LIN/IrDA/SPI), 1 USCI_B […]

Setup MSP430 peripherals with point and click GUI

TI launched a new point and click GUI that configures MSP430 peripherals. Just select your options and C configuration code is generated. This could be a huge time saver for even experienced developers. Less time digging in a datasheet? Sign us up: the Grace software platform [is] a free visual plug-in that enables developers to […]

MSP430 LaunchPad Firmware Update 2.0 Released.

TI has released MSP430 LaunchPad firmware update 2.0. TI’s download is a GUI-based utility to update the emulator firmware of the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad kit (MSP-EXP430G2). With this update, TI says your LaunchPad will be able to support all new and future MSP430G2xx Value Line devices. NOTE: Before you consider updating, read the caveats […]

Week in (p)review: April 08, 2011

Don’t forget to share your current project in the comments or the forum. Everyone who posts a project log this week gets a free PCB! Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week: Logic Shrimp logic analyzer was released flubberlab is diagramming the advanced triggers in the new Logic Sniffer Demon core in […]