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DIY inline refractometer

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

DIY inline refractometer project from Anfractuosity: The idea of this project is to image the refractometer output, then convert the position of the blue line, to a digital reading, using image processing. The idea is to measure the brix of wort during mash and sparging, so that sparging can be...

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Color Meter project

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Isonno posted his Color Meter  in the  project forum: It's a digital meter for measuring color; either the reflected color of solid object, or emitted light. It works, but the original goal was to measure/calibrate the output of RGB LEDs driven by PWM, but that didn't work out so well. Via...

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USB Tester and Sick of Beige

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

MobileWill shows off his USB Tester in a Sick of Beige (DP5031) case : From the beginning I designed the USB Tester to use the Dangerous Prototype Sick of Beige (SOB) standard PCB sizes. 50x31mm being the smallest rectangle and most ideal for the USB Tester. One of these reasons was...

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Cheap frequency counter based on MSP430

Monday, June 10th, 2013

SUF posted a cheap frequency counter based on MSP430 in the project log forum. Here is the properties of the project: - Cheap: The component total should be below $5 - Using TI's MSP430 line of MCUs what I'm learning now - Able to measure till 10MHz - Using LED display...

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Accurate milliohm measurement

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Kerry writes:  I have just completed a project for accurate milliohm range resistance measurements. The details are on my blog .  I'd love to share this with your readers. To effectively measure small resistance values in the milliohm range, we need to accurately measure the current flowing through and at...

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Taking RFID to the limits

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Chris Paget presented a talk at Defcon 18 on RFID and the security implications of long range reading of enhanced driver licenses which have embedded 900 MHz RFID tags. The video is divided into four parts totaling about 45 minutes. In addition to part 1 above, here are links to...

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