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App note: Package-related thermal resistance of LEDs

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

App note from OSRAM on thermal resistance for LEDs and IREDs (IR emitting diodes). Link here (PDF) In order to achieve the expected reliability, lifetime and optimal performance of LEDs, especially for high-power LEDs, appropriate thermal management is of the utmost importance. One of the key parameters for good thermal...

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App note: Optimizing PCB Thermal Performance for LEDs

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Application note from CREE on efficiently designing a conventional FR4 PCB to manage thermal heat and as a cheap alternative to metal core pcbs. Link here (PDF) One of the most critical design parameters for an LED illumination system is the system’s ability to draw heat away from the LED...

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App note: Thermal management basics and its importance for LED luminaire performance and cost

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Article about thermal management on LED luminaire from TT Electronics. Link here (PDF) LED luminaires are being marketed today as an alternative lighting technology that reduces power consumption and maintenance costs for commercial and residential installations. Thermal management has a significant impact upon the lifetime, performance and cost of an...

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App note: Thermal management in surface-mounted resistor applications

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

App note from Vishay on PCB thermal management specifically on components like SMD resistors, where if allowed a design change (e.g. change in SMD size or change in more heat tolarant ones) must be implemented in order to squeeze more thermal capability. Link here (PDF) Thermal management is becoming more...

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App note: Thermal management

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

An app note about heat management, including an overview of some cool thermocouple-reading ICs: This product guide showcases Maxim's industry-leading portfolio of thermal-management devices, which includes temperature sensors and switches, fan controllers, and a highly accurate thermocouple-to-digital converter. Learn how to select the right fan controller and improve designs using...

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