App note: Thermal Management Handbook

A Thermal Management handbook from Maxim, , app note here: Maxim’s Thermal Management Handbook includes temperature sensing and fan control concepts, circuits and application guidelines. Thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs, and various IC temperature sensors (local temperature sensors, remote temperature sensors, analog temperature sensors, digital temperature sensors, and temperature switches) are discussed, as well as various approaches […]

App note: IC temperature sensor accuracy compensation with a PICmicro microcontroller

An application note from Microchip: IC temperature sensor accuracy compensation with a PIC microcontroller This application note is based on the analog output MCP9700/MCP9701 and serial output MCP9800 temperature sensors.

App note: Temperature sensor design guide

Temperature sensor design guide: In many systems, temperature control is fundamental. There are a number of passive and active temperature sensors that can be used to measure system temperature, including: thermocouple, resistive temperature detector, thermistor and silicon temperature sensors. These sensors provide temperature feedback to the system controller to make decisions such as, over-temperature shutdown, […]

Single-chip digital IR temperature sensor

Joe writes:  TI have announced a tiny (1.6mm sq), low power and low cost (~$2) IR temperature sensor Enables contactless temperature measurement in portable and consumer electronic applications Developed through TI’s expertise in MEMS technology, the TMP006 is the first of a new class of ultra-small, low power, and low cost passive infrared temperature sensors. […]