Inside the Am2901: AMD’s 1970s bit-slice processor

Ken posted an article taking a closer look at AMD’s Am2901 chip: You’re probably familiar with modern processors made by Advanced Micro Devices. But AMD’s processors go back to 1975, when AMD introduced the Am2901. This chip was a type of processor called a bit-slice processor: each chip processed just 4 bits, but multiple chips […]

App note: In-system calibration with the 78M6610+PSU energy measurement processor

Another application from Maxim on how to calibrate a measurement subsystem using the 78M6610+PSU: The 78M6610+PSU is an energy measurement processor that is embedded in high-power switch-mode power-supply units (PSUs) to measure and report the real-time power used by the system. As with any measurement device, the sense circuit used with the 78M6610+PSU must be […]

Processor quick start guides

The new processor quick start guides were a big hit. Maff^ contributed a basic guide to the AVR, and Dpropicweb greatly expanded the PIC guides. We finished the MSP430 guide, and added new guides for the Coolrunner-II CPLD and Spartan 3 FPGA (in progress). Check out all the guides, and add one for your favorite […]

Processor quick start guides

Getting started with a new processor family is a minefield. Our new quick start guides for the PIC, LPC ARM, and STM32 ARM, are a collection of notes on these processor families. If you’re already familiar with one processor, these condensed guides can help you get started on a whole new platform without scouring the […]