App note: Get a constant +5V output by switching between a +5V input and a single-cell LI+ rechargeable cell

App note from Maxim Integrated on providing smooth power from two sources. Link here (PDF) Design provides a simple method for maintaining an uninterrupted +5V even while switching between the external +5V supply and a rechargeable single-cell Li+ battery.

App note: Eliminate noise through proper supply bypass filtering

Power supply filtering, an application note from Maxim Integrated. Link here If sensitive analog systems are run from one supply without the sufficient bypassing to eliminate noise, undesired degradation in a system’s performance will result. This application note provides insight into suitable techniques to overcome this roadblock.

App note: Simple wireless bluetooth stereo audio system for outdoor use

Old app note from Maxim Integrated on DIY portable bluetooth audio system. Link (PDF!) here When people want portable music, they usually rely on battery-powered audio devices. With a bit of engineering blood (or curiosity) running in your veins, it is not difficult to build a wireless Bluetooth® stereo audio system that can be controlled […]

App note: PoE and LED Lighting: the perfect match

App note from MAXIM Integrated on LED lighting utilizing power from PoE. Link here This application note explains that Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is a technology used in wired local area networks (LANs). PoE delivers power over the same cable that delivers the Ethernet data. Using LED lighting on a PoE network delivers excellent energy efficiency because […]

App note: Using the MAX35101 in a heat meter application

Here’s an app note from MAXIM integrated on using the time-to-digital converter chip MAX35101 for heat meters. Link is here Heating and cooling a living space is often the greatest contributor to energy consumption in both commercial and residential applications. It is for this reason that many conservation efforts focus on adding insulation and sealing […]