App note: Avoid overvoltage stresses by minimizing power supply pumping on single-ended output, class D audio amplifiers

Here’s class D audio amplifier pumping remedy from MAXIM Integrated, power-supply pumping is a problem that occurs when playing low-frequency audio signals through a single-ended output. Link here (PDF) This application note explains what power-supply pumping is and how it occurs in designs that employ a Class D audio amplifier with single-ended output loads. The […]

App note: Pop & click in audio amplifiers

Technical note from STMicroelectronics about popping noise usually heard on audio amplifiers and how to minimize it. Link here (PDF) Pop and click, or rather, the absence of it, is a characteristic that makes a lot of impact in the world of audio amplifiers. This is especially true for those destined for headphone-equipped applications (such […]

App note: Simple circuit limits amplifier output

rsdio writes: This is a strange one. It claims to prevent clipping, but still appears to introduce distortion. Perhaps the idea is that soft clipping is preferred to hard clipping? If there were a voltage-controlled gain input, then true peak limiting would be possible, but this seems to trade one form of distortion for another. […]