App note: The heat is on – High-power surface-mount resistors

Application notes from Vishay on effective heat dissipation for their aluminum nitride utilized resistors. Link here (PDF) The intent is to discuss a few techniques to manage the heat that is generated by high-power surface-mount resistors and the effects they will have on design space, complexity, and cost.

App note: Grid resistors: Determining nominal resistance

App note from Vishay on selecting grid resistors base on their application as resistors vary over continuous duty. Link here (PDF) Nearly all resistor materials change resistance as temperature increases. Depending on the material, this change can range from a few percent to 50 % and higher at 100 % duty on the resistor (100 […]

App note: Passives aren’t really So Passive: Resistors

Part 2 of the “Passives aren’t really so passive” series app notes from Maxim Integrated, this time about resistors and their tempco and tolerance degeneration that need to be considered. Link here (PDF) Passive components don’t draw power but even resistors can, and modify signals in unexpected ways. A resistor’s reaction to temperature, voltage, and […]

Will the SMD resistors marking become a history?

Will the SMD resistors marking become a history? Company YAGEO announced its intention to remove marking of RC/AC 0603,0805,1206 SMD chip resistors from July, 1-st, 2013. Everything implies, that the situation with marking of chip resistors (0603/0805/1206) will soon be similar to chip capacitors – i.e. no marking on the top of the component. The […]

Resistors and power ratings

Kenneth discusses resistors and power ratings: Resistors are possibly the most basic component of electronics; given an input voltage, they allow a current to flow, and given an input current to flow, they produce a voltage.  The relationship between the voltage and current is linear (a straight line), (mostly) frequency independent (unlike capacitors or inductors), […]

App note: Technical guide to surface mount resistors

Here is a technical guide to surface mount resistors from Panasonic. It covers the theory behind various resistor materials and the manufacturing processes. Tables illustrate specifications for different types of resistors, and explain the failure mechanisms for them. Fixed resistors are principal electronic components composed electronic circuit. They are developed with demands of various electronic […]