App note: Add a “Black Box” fault logger to your “Big (or Small) Box” system

Application notes from Maxim Integrated on adding log functionalities in your system. Link here (PDF) This article describes how to add a “black box” functionality – nonvolatile fault logging – to networking, communications, industrial, and medical equipment. It outlines the benefits of recording fault data, including faster, more definitive failure analysis.

Open source data logger for biodiversity research

Ed Baker of the Natural History Museum, London, UK, has published a paper outlining his build of an open source hardware data logger for scientific purposes. “Proprietary data loggers can be expensive – for example a three channel data logging system is available from Alphatemp for £465.00. Such costs make large scale deployment of such […]

DIY ethernet temperature and humidity logger

Kerry Wong built an Ethernet temperature and humidity logger: I used an ENC28J60 Ethernet module along with an ATmega328p microcontroller to log the temperature and humidity readings and then process the data on my web server for display. To plot the data points, I used Google Annotated Timeline so that you can easily zoom into the […]

Open source solar data acquisition system PCBs

Arup got some PCBs made by Seeed of the open-source data acquisition system he designed. The system uses solar panels, and rechargeable batteries for power. An ATmega32 microcontroller reads, and stores data onto a SD flash card. Data ca also be viewed via a character LCD. Via the forum.

Open source GSM/GPRS autonomous weather station

Andrianakis built an autonomous data logging system using a GSM/GPRS cell phone modem module to transmit data to a online server. It’s designed to read wind velocity for a future wind power station installation. A PIC16F877A communicates with a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, and reads sensor values. By using a battery and a solar cell charger, […]

Netduino vs Arduino

Greg Crawford at Citizen Scientists League has written a three-part series on the Netduino. In Part 1 he describes the Netduino’s features and compares this board to the more familiar Arduino. In Part 2, Greg details how to interface the Netduino with the SPI bus, and provides some C# code for this purpose. Part 3 […]


Nimbits is a free, social and open source data logging system. It provides a mechanism for recording time series data, such as a changing temperature or stock price, into a data channel called a “Data Point”. Your data is stored on a global cloud computing infrastructure that provides remarkable uptime and scalability. You can download […]