Prototype: Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2

The Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2 enables the mysterious LCD mode on your Bus Pirate. The Bus Pirate can’t control an HD44780 LCD alone, it needs help from a few extra parts. Read the how-to and build your own adapter, or buy it assembled for $9.

The v2 adapter is a complete rework of the v1 adapter. v2 uses an inexpensive 74HCT595 logic chip that achieves excellent display refresh rates. v1 used an I2C IO expander chip that was painfully slow and too expensive to consider producing.

LCD adapters, including a connector cable, are shipping now from Seeed. This is not a preorder, the hardware is tested and ready to ship. This is the first time a Dangerous Prototype is available the day it was published – here’s hoping we can keep it up for future projects!

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