App note: Forced air convection and heat sinking for power supplies

Application note from Aimtec discusses about two ways for taking away heat on power supplies. Link here When evaluating the operating temperature ranges of power supplies one must consult component’s datasheets. Datasheets state a “usable” operating temperature range typically given at full output load. In order to reach the upper limit of the temperature ranges […]

App note: Aluminum capacitors in power supplies

An engineering solutions from Vishay on aluminum capacitors used in power supplies, PDF link here. In general, aluminum capacitors are the most suitable capacitors for addressing requirements such as low and high frequency filtering and energy storage, which demand high capacitance values and power ratings. The devices offer high Cu/(unit cost) ratios, are small compared […]

App note: Isolating analog and digital power supplies

Texas Instruments’ advice for isolating digital and analog power supplies in mixed signal circuits. This application note recommends power supply and ground noise-reduction techniques through the use of bypass capacitors and ferrite beads in TI’s PLL-based clock distribution circuits (CDC) devices. This application note also includes a numeric  example, calculating the value of bypass and […]