App note: Designing P.C. Board heat sinks

Application hint from Micrel on how to do baseline calculation on board area required as heatsink for SMD components. Link here (PDF) System designers increasingly face the restriction of using all surface-mounted components in their new designs; even including the power components. Through-hole components can dissipate excess heat with clip-on or bolt-on heat sinks keeping […]

App note: MIC2039 single input, stack configuration for high current applications

An app note (PDF) from MICREL on their MIC2039 stackable switches with programmable current limiter. Because processors are required to work faster with each successive generation and the consumer electronics market is expanding, the demand for compact power control circuits with high current capability is ever increasing. The MIC2039 switches feature an adjustable output current […]

app note: High-Side Switch Using LDO Regulator Controller

An old but good app note from Micrel using LDO Regulator as High Side switch controller. The Micrel MIC5158 Super LDO™ Voltage Regulator Controller can be used as a high-side switch driver that features a relatively accurate current limit. The part is normally intended for driving the MOSFET pass device of a voltage regulator. It […]

app note: Simple Current-Limiting Power Supply

A simple current-limiting power supply from Micrel, app note here. Just three ICs are required to build this adjustable-voltage, adjustable-current-limit power supply that operates like a laboratory supply. It offers an output voltage range of 0V to 25V and a current limit range of about 10mA to 1.5A. The Micrel MIC29152 LDO Regulator has a […]

App note: PCB design for 10/100 switches and PHY

Design guide on PCB layout from Micrel on 10/100 switches and PHY This application note is intended to assist customers in designing products that comply with both EMI and ESD standards using Micrel’s 10/100 family of Ethernet products. The printed circuit board (PCB) is the single most important factor that affects EMI, ESD and overall […]

App note: Troubleshooting switching power supplies

Having problem with your switching power supply design? Or just curious on common switching power supply failures. Here’s a good resource from Micrel on troubleshooting power supplies. This application note provides insight on troubleshooting and taking measurements in switching power supplies. Specific measurements include output ripple, line and load regulation, efficiency, and transient response. Troubleshooting […]

App note: Universal serial bus power management

See this app note from Micrel on USB power requirements and distribution. Power management and distribution is a major factor in correctly designing USB (Universal Serial Bus) peripherals. Proper methods of designing USB peripheral power distribu- tion are crucial to ensure full compliance with the USB specification, including compliance with electromagnetic in- terference (EMI) and […]

App note: Design considerations for 5V to 3.3V pass regulators

Great app note from Micrel on thermal management for voltage regulators. This note discusses the LDO option, including choosing between simple three terminal regulators and full-featured five terminal regulators, and provides formulas, calculations, and a selection of commercial heat sinks for powering 3.3V logic circuitry requiring up to 5 amps from a standard +5V supply. […]

MIC4811: High Current 6 Channel Linear WLED Driver with DAM™ and Ultra Fast PWM™ Control

Micrel has announced the availability of the MIC4811 High Current 6 Channel Linear WLED Driver with DAM™ and Ultra Fast PWM™ Control. The MIC4811/MIC4812 are high efficiency linear White LED (WLED) drivers designed to drive up to six high current WLEDs for signage lighting. The MIC4811/MIC4812 provide the highest possible efficiency at low source voltages […]