HackPittsburgh to launch messages via balloon

The crew over at HackPittsburgh is planning on a balloon launch message project today:

This Friday (9-2-2011), join us as we celebrate the successful launch of our 4th balloon with more fun with balloons. We have often talked about sending a payload of ping pong balls up with our big balloons and then drop them with messages to people. Friday we are going to try this on a smaller scale. We will be making customized ping pong balls on a few of our egg-bots (egg-bot.com) and sending them up on biodegradable party balloons. There will be room for you to add a personalized message to each ball also.

We hope others will find our ping pong balls and read them. To add to the fun we have created a form for anyone who finds a ball to let us know where they found it (http://bit.ly/HckPGHAPP). We hope to create a map of found ping pong balls to track their travels once they have been found.

What’s your hackerspace up to?

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