Dangerous Prototypes hackerspace passport stamp

Dangerous Prototypes has a stamp for your hackerspace passport. To get a ‘visa’, find us at the Open Hardware Summit, Maker Faire, or your local hackerspace.

We studied several actual passport stamps when making the design. It has a few official boxes to tick with a (different-colored) ink pen, ostensibly the continent of the meeting. The @ line on the side is to indicate the location or event. Original Illustrator files are in the art folder of the SVN repository.

Making a stamp was cheap and easy. We exported Illustrator artwork to a high-resolution .PNG image, and sent it to an online stamp maker. The boxes on the HSPP are not the same size, but we found that 1.5×1.5inches is a good size that won’t encroach on neighboring stamps. Two laser-cut 1.5×1.5inch stamps cost $10 each. There’s a bunch of online stamp makers with about the same pricing, we used RubberStamps.NET because it’s next door to our Iowa office and shipping was super fast ($2 local, $6 worldwide).

Thanks to Tayken for design advise!

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  1. Hey err, this might sound silly, but maybe this passport can be more useful. Maybe we can actually put useful credentials in there.

    For example, a local hackerspace offers training sessions on how to operate a laser cutter, if you complete the training, you can use their laser cutter, stuff like that can go into this passport

    Our school’s machine shop instructors will train you on how to use the lathe and mill, it’s very important for obvious reasons

    Although I can see how this might not work as well as I hope it does…

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