XR2206 function generator


“Presented here is XR2206 function generator with multiple waveform selection and a frequency readout display. The diagram on the right shows the internal workings of the XR2206 in the form of a block diagram. Essentially the chip contains A VCO (voltage controller oscillator), wave shaper and buffer. The XR2206 frequency generator diagram frequency of the VCO is set with a capacitor and a resistor. The capacitor sets the frequency range whilst a variable resistor can be used to vary the frequency in the set range. The frequency is defined by ƒ = 1/(RC).”

Via Circuit-Zone.

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  1. This is a dead link, it goes in circles, as does the site.

    I tried Firefox and Chrome.

    I do not and will not run windows, so maybe it’s IE only.

    Mick M

  2. Please don’t publish (re-publish) posts from Circuit Zone DP. That site is bad news. They scrape content from elsewhere and don’t provide links to the original content. More than once I’ve heard of links going to nefarious sites; otherwise the links are designed to loop you around just to generate page hits. Circuit Zone is bad news IMHO…

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