Location based development board


Matt Coates of Sky Labs Electronics writes:

So here it is! Courtesy of Dangerous Prototypes Dirty PCB service, I have been able to put together and complete the testing of the first prototype of my very own location based development board. So lets talk about what you’re looking at. The board is a 4 layer PCB of dimensions 50 x 68 mm. The populated board has a maximum thickness of 9 mm. I considered using a 2 layer board, but the ground planes would not have been large enough and the substrate was too thick for the micro strip trace to the antenna to be of a realistic width.  The microcontroller is running an Arduino Bootloader and the board is pictured on 7mm standoffs that are attached using M2 screws.

Via the project log forum.

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  1. This looks very nice, and bonus points for designing it with proper mounting holes. That’s a pet-peeve of mine, and a detail a lot of people forget. ;-)

    1. Yes, just a pity they are M2 which are a lot harder to find than M3 – sure you can get them, but a lot more places have M3 than do M2.

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