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PCB_2 -dirtypcb

kjetilei shared his Charliecube project, inspired by the instructions provided by SobiGuy at SobiSource:

I showed the cube at my local makerspace and proposed a build day. The interest was high enough to bulk order the various items needed for 10 kits.
Just before ordering the batch of protoboards I started to think about making a proper PCB instead of the protoboard and the dreaded rats nest. I checked the pricing at DirtyPCBs for black 10×10 boards and was thrilled to see that the pricing was only a bit more expensive than the protoboard and all needed extras.
Fritzing was fired up and after a couple of looong evenings hand routing the paths (for semi decent apperance) I was ready to order.

Since the dirty in DirtyPCBs imply that the quality is not the best I hoped for a great result but was ralistic and knew that I could receive PCBs that looked worse than I hoped for. However the PCBs I received where great! Thanks Ian for making this possible!

Via the project log forum.

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