Global Geek Shenzhen: Shenzhen Sunlight Electronic Co

Seeed Studio took us to Shenzhen Sunlight Electronic Co., a special supplier they use to avoid counterfeit and unreliable chips. Sunlight Electronic Co pools orders from smaller manufacturers and buys directly from the chip factory to ensure quality.

Price breaks start at 100 pieces, but the best breaks are at the reel size, generally 2500. They recommend non-Chinese made components for production runs, but can source equivalent locally produced parts using key specifications.

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  1. “They recommend non-Chinese made components for production runs”

    That’s interesting. Did they mean components manufactured outside China, or just non-Chinese brands even if they are manufactured there?

    1. “They recommend non-Chinese made components for production runs”

      Of course they would say this – to scare you into using their business. What they do may be legitimate, and we all know how pad the Chinese fake parts problem is. But posting this statement from them is grossly over-stating the obvious.

      1. Both Chinese and foreign parts are available from the markets and this group, so I don’t feel they gain much advantage by scaring us about origin. Fears of fake chips do seem well founded, evidently Seeed was plagued with these problems in the beginning and now they swear by the broker. Seeed uses them for microcontrollers and other more expensive chips, but buys passives and small stuff in the market without a broker (no idea what mix of foreign or local, or if anyone cares). Seeed has more experience than I will ever have sourcing parts, and this is how they do some of it, so I thought it was an interesting meeting to share. I’ll probably never buy a bulk lot of chips ever.

  2. So you visited this company eh? Do they offer security systems by chance? I am emailing someone claiming to represent this company back and forth actually

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