Dirty terminal sample pack

Crimp Terminals for Cables Crimp terminals lock to the end of a wire and attach to an electrical connection such as a screw or terminal block. There are tons of different styles out there, but we found a handful that every Chinese cable manufacturer stocks. This is important because while reels of crimps are cheap, […]

Dirty Cables price increases and lead times

Its really hard to convince Huaqiangbei market suppliers to cooperate on a project until you can prove value by making a bunch of orders. Our approach is to guestimate a price at DirtyPCBs, send through a few months of orders, and then ask if they’d like to cooperate with us. Generally this will open doors […]

DirtyPCBs.com China export brokerage pay your vendors get your stuffs

  Exporting small low value orders from China is a challenge to do cost effectively, however proper export of bulk stuff is comparatively simple. After hearing¬†what hardware people are going through¬†to get stuff from China we had to offer a better way. A Dirty Way. Having trouble paying a Chinese supplier? Did things start off […]