Global Geek Shenzhen: On the streets of Hua Qiang Bei

There’s activity all around the Hua Qiang Bei market buildings. People and cars tussle for space in the street. Moving carts loaded with electronic components on the way to small manufacturers are everywhere, often in the middle of traffic.

Continue below for more sights from around from Hua Qiang Bei.

Sourcers buy bulk parts for small manufacturers and drag them back on carts, often in the middle of the street with car and bus traffic. There’s a security guard at each metro entrance to make sure they take the elevator instead of dragging the cart down the escalator. Liao said in Seeed Studio’s early days he and Eric would buy parts and take them back on the bus.

We expected Shenzhen to be an industrial city in the style of Detroit, but it’s actually very clean, modern, and well maintained. The area SEG market has a tropical promenade.

While each market building is a winding maze of stands, the neighborhood is also a maze of buildings and side streets. Most of the time people, cars, mopeds, and moving carts share the same road.

Hua Qiang Bei isn’t finished, it’s getting bigger. Several new buildings were under construction, all will house even more electronics parts and consumer electronics stores.

Food seems to be a big feature inside and outside of the markets, lucky for us we like to eat. We tried a native Cantonese dish, as well as various spicy noodles.

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  1. The OneZero store on the Huaqiangbei street claims to sell apple products at their actual prices. i only discovered that i had been ripped off a bit after buying my iphone 5 apple earpods for around 248 RMB.

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