OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.1 new feature: Control remote power sockets

We previously covered Ray’s OpenSprinkler. Now it has added a new feature to remotely toggle radio frequency power sockets:

This allows OpenSprinkler to not only switch sprinkler valves, but also easily control powerline devices such as lights, heaters, pumps, fans. Looking for a programmable way to control Christmas lights? Look no further!
This feature is implemented by installing an RF transmitter to OpenSprinkler and assigning the remote signal code as a station name. The remote signal code can be obtained by using either an RFToy or simply an Arduino+RF receiver. The firmware automatically recognizes the code and sends out signal through the transmitter to turn on/off remote sockets. With OpenSprinkler’s mobile web interface and flexible timer programming, this enables automated control of almost any device that can be plugged into a power socket.

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