A web configurable ThingSpeak logger, build on AVR ATmega328

Davide Gironi posted an update on Xively logger project we covered previously: This embedded platform is a modular and configurable ThingSpeak data logger, built on an ATmega328 micro, usefull to send datapoints to your ThingSpeak feed. This project is an update to the Xively logger presented here See the full post on his blog here.

Read an Arduino via REST and upload value to Thingspeak

Thingspeak bills itself as “an open application platform designed to enable meaninful connections between people and things.” The graphic above demonstrates how dynamic temperature level readings can be made available on the internet via Thingspeak. In working with the Thingspeak API Sirleech has developed code he calls RestduinoThingspeak. It’s a Python script to read a […]

Internet-based temperature logger with mbed and ThingSpeak

Frank setup a internet-based temperature logger using the ThingSpeak contest data-logging service: This project uses a mbed microcontroller (LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3) to monitor temperature using a DS1620 (digital temperature sensor IC), retrieve the time via NTP (network time protocol), and then log the current temperature to ThingSpeak along with a time-stamp. See a live graph […]