Free PCBs via RT @dangerousproto check details

Free video chat by Ustream

4000 people viewed the Thermal Tweeter on USTREAM since it went online yesterday, but there’s only a few meters of Tweets. There’s also some new tweets that don’t show up in a public search (privacy settings?).

Help us make it rain, for the sake of debugging of course, and get a free PCB code. We’ll send a code to the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, and 100th Tweeter to scroll through the Thermal Tweeter during the live feed. That’s a free PCB code to every 10th tweeter of the next 100.

Not sure why your tweet didn’t print? Check the public Twitter search for @dangerousproto to see if it showed up. If not, is there anything like a privacy setting that causes this? We’re not sure why Thermal Tweeter misses some tweets that we see when logged in.Sjaak thinks we should be querying the API, but that’s a lot more work :)

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  1. :D Change it man! I don’t see my tweets showing :( I did some nifty ascii and i’m dying to see if they work….


      1. Yep, I couldn’t find it in the search link. To bad… Wanna get creative again?

        PS: Why so little characters? I wanted to print “ASCII facepalm” :(

      2. ________ __________
        \______ \ \_____, \
        | ; \ | ___/
        | /angerous_|rototypes
        -------\/ -----|

        Perhaps it gets finally through, but just in case here it is ;)

  2. Why not use the twitter streaming API instead of the feed so you can check for a new tweet instantly.

  3. It’s up and solid now. It shouldn’t miss any more tweete. I used a little bit of a cheat to get on oAuth and grab the mentions properly. Thank you for helping test, enjoy :)

    1. Only oneliners will work. I guess twitter has a script that converts multiple spaces into one. Do a google on oneline ascii and twitter on!

      I’m wondering how many meters are twittered?

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