WIFI web platform design review

As promised in the review of the Sure WiFi board , a new WIFI web platform/server design is up for review in the forum.

The purpose of this board is to control a digital DSLR camera through a webpage. The device is connected by a 802.11b network, allowing lots of freedom (when in range of the accesspoint). The connection to the camera is through USB (camera is the USB slave, the board the USB host). Another goal is to make the board as small as possible/usable.

The current board has the following features:

  • 96×16 oled display (to display the Accesspoint, strength, usb status)
  • rgb led (for quick readout of the status without draining the battery much)
  • 5 button input (4 arrows and an action button)
  • LiPo charger circuit (can be charged by usb)
  • pic 24fj256gb106 (the same as BPv4)
  • MRF24WB0MA SPI wifi module
  • large SPI ROM for storing webpages.

It is just a draft of the board, perhaps some features will disappear and some other will appear. Please check it out and give us some comments.

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  1. why not use an arm chip of some sort here instead of a pic. is it an issue of cost or something else?

    1. For controlling this wifi modules you’ll need the microchip library (no lowlevel info available). So you are more or less restricted to microchip chips. Also I’m already familiar with PIC an the IDE so it is a logical choice.

  2. The problem with current web platform v1 and wifi web platform is power consumption. I used currrent web platform with battery powered wifi bridge and even that was horrible for battery. The solution i think lies in integerated package of tcp/ip module with ethernet/wifi module like the one with connectone. Else the power consumption is making it useless for my applications.

  3. This is a very intriguing device, and I can see all kinds of potential uses for it.
    From what I understand, it’s essentially a PC on a small circuitboard, with dedicated web browser operation. How much on board mem/disk storage does it have? Could we build the same thing but this time in stead of just a web interface, run Linux on it with shell access and optional web interface?

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