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NFC antenna tuning without a VNA

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Fred writes: Recently I started work on a new board. This one will be a front door entry system, so I decided to go with something that could read my NFC implant but also had a numeric keypad for the kids (and anyone else) to use. Not everyone wants to...

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Tiny NFC reader with a TRF7970A

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Limpkin wrote this blog article about his tiny NFC Reader with a TRF7970A build, and he will be giving a few of them away: The main components are: - the USB-enabled ATMega32U4 - a connector for the NRF24L01 - a Lithium-Ion battery charger - an NFC transceiver - a proximity sensor The...

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  • gant: They still have a couple of the more expensive (but still considerably cheap) 5S-I-S01 in stock...
  • readybrek: Anyone got a any recommendations for a budget-priced hot air station?
  • William: lol I'm happy to waste 3c for each program/debug cycle... but probably not the time spent soldering a new device down to a proto board!...
  • Joe Desbonnet: Ya, I can recommend the low melting point solder. I used brand 'ChipQuik' and it's amazingly easy to use.
  • Jerome: I need a new BusPirate for the Fablab ;) Many thanks!