ZofzPCB Gerber viewer ver0.4

Rafal Powierski has released a new version of ZofzPCB Gerber viewer ver0.4, we wrote about it previously:

What is new:
1. load ipc356 – that is a popular netlist or bare board flying probe test file, available as export from most of the CADs.
1.1 you can browse board by component, pins, nets.
1.2 identify object under cursor.
1.3 Components are displayed in a very simple box pin form.
2. 3D gimmick – thickens of layers. and over-thickens of layers in a screensaver mode.

Via the comments.

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  1. It seems to work quite well with wine on linux. I haven’t spent much time on it yet, but it does look super cool!

  2. I’m having a hard time actually getting it to route by board outline. I’m using the Eagle CAM processor with the gerb274x.cam file. Normally I export it together with my board outline, and Eurocircuits knows this is the board outline, but no matter what I do, in ZofzPCB viewer its always a square. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Place board outline on a separate layer, do not include it on any other layer (except maybe if negative layer), load it to project and mark as “BoardOutline”. If you need example, go to menu “examples”, load one, then goto “stackup” -> “display /edit”.
      BoardOutline “layer” can be also used to setup board thickens.
      BoardOutline “layer” may or may not have associated gerber file. No file automatically creates rectangle.
      Does Eagle mark the board outline by zero-wide tracks drawing on all layers?

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