New 7400 Competition sponsor: 43Oh forum

The 43Oh forum has donated 2 EZ430-F2013 USB Stick Development tools and 1 EZ430-2500 Wireless Development tool to the Open 7400 Competition. Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours. There’s still time to become a sponsor of the most logical contest ever, just drop us line via the contact […]

New Open 7400 Logic Competition sponsor: Adafruit Industries

Adafruit Industries is the latest sponsor of the Open 7400 Competition. Up for grabs is one of their new microtouch AVR development board. this and other prizes could be yours, but only if you get your entry in!

7400 competition entry: Propeddle software defined 6502 computer

Here’s an entry in the Open 7400 Logic competition: Propeddle Software Defined 6502 Computer I herewith would like to enter my “Propeddle Software Defined 6502 Computer” into the 7400 Logic competition. See the link for details on this project (which is still very much a work in progress).

Open 7400 Logic Contest: 2 more Sponsors

Today we have 2 more sponsors joining us, Parrallax has provided us with a Boe-Bot Robot Kit and 2 BASIC Stamp Activity Kits. Xess has thrown in a XuLA-200 board with a VGA interface board. The prizes could be yours, all you have to do is submit an entry in the open 7400 logic Competition.

Open 7400 Logic Competition: new Sponsor and more Prizes!

We are pleased to announce that the Gadget Factory is now sponsoring the open 7400 logic Competition, This is right up any FPGA enthusiasts alley, Dangerous Prototypes is having an Open 7400 Logic Contest contest to see who can put together the best project utilizing 7400 series logic chips. There are many great prizes including an Arcade MegaWing with […]

New 7400 Competition sponsor: Tincantools

We are thrilled to announce that Tincantools has sponsored the Open 7400 Competition. they have graciously added the folowing to our pool of prizes. BeagleBoard plus a Trainer Flyswatter JTAG debugger DSO Nano V2 Digital Soldering Station Get your entry in and these and other cool hardware can be yours.

Announcing the Open 7400 Logic Competition

We are excited to announce the Open 7400 Logic Competition. The competition brings awareness to open hardware and software, and fosters understanding of the basic building blocks of modern integrated circuits. And most importantly, we want to have fun! What can you create using individual logic chips? Prizes include cash, hardware, development boards, and more. […]