Open 7400 Logic Contest: 2 more Sponsors

Today we have 2 more sponsors joining us, Parrallax has provided us with a Boe-Bot Robot Kit and 2 BASIC Stamp Activity Kits. Xess has thrown in a XuLA-200 board with a VGA interface board. The prizes could be yours, all you have to do is submit an entry in the open 7400 logic Competition.

XESS XuLA-200 FPGA/uC board

XESS introduces their new XuLA-200 breakout board. The XuLA Board packs a 200,000-gate FPGA and a supervisory microcontroller into a 2″ x 1″ footprint (51 mm x 25 mm). XESS is committed to a completely open source design for this board which features a Xilinx XC3S200A Spartan 3A FPGA with 8 MByte SDRAM, 2 Mbit […]