Workshop Update for May 17th, 2012

Today Ian is in San Francisco for the Bay Area Maker Faire enjoying the Mission Street Taco crawl.

Part Ninja firmware is moving along. Today we fixed some bugs, cleaned up some earlier functions. We also added a special ADC function that has low acquisition time for MOSFET readings.

We made a tutorial on how to make parts in Cadsoft Eagle that have the power pins separated in the schematic.

In the office we sent out some free PCB coupons to developers. We also ordered new batches of the Bus Blaster v2, Bus Pirate v4, and OLS Buffer Wing to be made for Seeed restock.

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  1. Have fun at the Makers Faire! Can’t wait for your report with pictures.
    As for the BP4 when do you think Seed will have a probe cable? I’m using SparkFun’s cable for the V3 and would love to have the same type for the V4. It’s basically the 2×5 female block broken out to individual female jumper wires that fit into regular pin headers or connect to my probe clips if needed.
    I’d create a cable myself but none of my local (Paris/France) stores neither have a 2×6 pin block nor those individual female jumper cable heads. That’s actually the only reason why I’m holding back on a BPv4 upgrade right now :((

    1. Don’t limit yourself to local retail stores. Try ordering online from big suppliers. E.g.
      Many others…

  2. I went on a Taco Crawl last weekend. But the Tacos I found look very different from the ones you found.

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