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Every year before Maker Faire we spend a day in San Francisco to visit the Noisebridge hackerspace, Instructables, and other open hardware/DIY/hacker friendly people. Noisebridge is located in a neighborhood called the Mission District, and it has dozens of delicious Mexican taco shops called taquerias. We try to eat a carne asada taco at every shop, but there's so many it's an impossible challenge. Some of our favorites are:

  • Cancun (top rated by SF Weekly paper)


Thursday evening before Bay Area Maker Faire, starting in front of Noisebridge hackerspace.

Or do your own crawl whenever!



Start in front of Noise Bridge, it's right outside the 16th and Mission street BART stop. The Mexican grocery store under Noise Bridge is our favorite in San Francisco, we stock up on dried chilis.

Walk south down Mission towards 24th street. There may be 100 taco shops along this strip. Eat a taco, optionally drink a Negro Modelo. It's quite a ways, often we hop on a bus for a block or two along the way.

Did you make it to 24th? Yeah! Now you have two options.

  1. Done? If you like hoppy California ales and fancy bratwurst, check out Rosamunde on the corner of 24th and Mission
  2. Even more?!? Turn left and go down 24th street for even more tacos and eventually a tamale parlor. We usually save this for a separate day.



See pictures from previous taco crawls:



Map? Yeah, we got that. Click for a big version. Taken from OpenStreetMap.

  • Note that Noisebridge is a block further south than the dot. It is actually printed on the map below our route highlight.