A XSVF assembler/disassembler in python

Marcelo Roberto Jimenez wrote an assembler/disassembler for XSVF, he writes: As a sequence of my last project, the JTAG/XSVF library for Arduino, I felt I needed a XSVF assembler and disassembler, so that I could hack JTAG a little bit. I found that XSVF is very convenient, much more than SVF when you are dealing […]

Integrating the XSVF player into Bus Pirate firmware

Jean modified the Bus Pirate firmware to integrate the standalone XSVF player into it. The XSVF player is an alternate firmware for the Bus Pirate that allows it to program CPLDs and FPGAs via XSVF files. I have integrated the support of XSVF Player within the current 6.1 BP firmware as a new bitbang mode. […]

One step XSVF file generation for CPLD

If you’re using one of our CPLD Development Boards you need to have a file in XSVF format to download to the board using the Bus Pirate loaded with the BPXSVFPLAYER firmware. We’ve posted a method to convert SVF files to XSVF format, but Xilinx has included a handy way to produce “One Step XSVF” […]

XSVF specification document

We’ve referred to various file formats for programming CPLDs and FPGAs in recent posts. One is the Serial Vector Format (SVF), an industry standard file format that is used to describe JTAG chain operations in a compact, portable fashion. Its specifications are fully described in this 26 page PDF produced by Texas Instruments. To provide […]