Integrating the XSVF player into Bus Pirate firmware

Jean modified the Bus Pirate firmware to integrate the standalone XSVF player into it. The XSVF player is an alternate firmware for the Bus Pirate that allows it to program CPLDs and FPGAs via XSVF files.

I have integrated the support of XSVF Player within the current 6.1 BP firmware as a new bitbang mode. I have created mode 0x18 for it which looked unused.

As we now need to activate bitbang mode and XSVF Player mode from the PC, I have modified the Windows application too.

The places i made change in sources are identified by a //— sequence.

I can now program succesfully my XC9572xl CPLD board

Via the forum.

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  1. Thank You! This is sorely needed. No more risky reflashing of BP every time. Why wasn’t this done on the mainstream release of the BP firmware?

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