A XSVF assembler/disassembler in python

Marcelo Roberto Jimenez wrote an assembler/disassembler for XSVF, he writes: As a sequence of my last project, the JTAG/XSVF library for Arduino, I felt I needed a XSVF assembler and disassembler, so that I could hack JTAG a little bit. I found that XSVF is very convenient, much more than SVF when you are dealing […]

27C3: Building Custom Disassemblers

FX of Phenoelit recently presented a talk at the 27C3 CCC in Berlin, Germany on the topic of instruction set reverse engineering. Topics include obtaining byte code, analyzing it for basic properties, finding addressing modes, and implementing an IDA Pro processor module. The primary focus is on the transformation of byte code back into mnemonic […]