Workshop cleanup day

Posted on Sunday, August 28th, 2011 in idle by Ian

At one point a DIP-8 ATtiny13A fell out of Ian’s hair.

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19 Responses to “Workshop cleanup day”

  1. DrF says:

    I once stepped on a max232 (dil) barefoot!
    Lego has nothing on that pain, I had to pull it out, not fun :)

    My workshop is a mess junk everywhere, I can’t throw anything away.

  2. erdabyz says:

    Long hair + electronics = DANGER.

    I have styled my fringe with the soldering iron more than once…

  3. s3c says:

    I can relate to that one, stepped on a rusty 40 pin something once, the pain was bad but the itching for days was worse.

  4. I hate the smell of burning hair pretty badly, but scrubbing the burned-in hair off the soldering iron is even worse.

  5. Menno says:

    Never had a component forced in my skin ;-)
    Burn marks on the other hand:
    – electrostatic discharge from iron tip to index finger left a hole, in my skin that is;
    – burned index finger on iron while trying to keep it steady (yep, very stupid);
    – shape of DIP burned into middle finger (including pin 1 indicator) as a result of checking whether or not it was running hot;
    – burned of the hairs of my right forearm as a result of a jet flame after throwing a lit match in an empty PVC glue bottle. Oh wait this is of topic :-)

    • rsdio says:

      One time, I was staring so intently at the circuit that I didn’t look at what I was doing as I passed the soldering iron from one hand to the other. Unfortunately, the habit of holding a pencil was so ingrained that I gripped the hot iron like a #2 pencil. I actually heard the skin burning before I felt it. Yikes! The worst thing was that holding a pencil was not very comfortable for a long time.

      P.S. Sorry for you kiddies who don’t know what a pencil is, since nobody writes by hand any more these days… :-)

  6. Remorilla says:

    Hey Ian, I see that the soldering flux I sended arrived well. I hope you liked it.

  7. charliex says:

    our hackerspaces vacuum cleaner probably has about $500 in parts inside it. We were thinking of a competition that involved making the coolest things out of whatever you could find on the floor.

  8. nave.notnilc says:

    is that a little drill press for PCBs? what sort is it?

  9. Arup says:

    I’m sure, if Ian sees my desk, he’ll recognize it as dumpster.

  10. Ian says:

    It is the perfect drill press for PCBs :)

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