App note: Using the Si72xx hall-effect magnetic position sensors

App note from Silicon Labs on their hall-effect Si72xx magnetic sensor to sense position, count revolution and security system seal tamper sensing. Link here (PDF) These devices all measure magnetic field in the axis perpendicular to the package. All of these parts share the attributes of low power, high sensitivity, and low noise. The simplest […]

App note: Hall effect sensing and application

Hall effect sensing introduction app note from Honeywell. The Hall effect has been known for over one hundred years, but has only been put to noticeable use in the last three decades. The first practical application (outside of laboratory experiments) was in the 1950s as a microwave power sensor. With the mass production of semiconductors, […]

Using a ACS712 hall-effect current sensor

Raj made a two part tutorial on how to interface a PIC microcontroller with the ACS712 hall-effect current sensor. The first part covers hall-effect theory and basic operation of the ACS712. The second part covers the actual PIC interface, which is simply reading the output voltage of the sensor. Sensing and controlling current flow is […]