QTPy-knob: Simple USB knob w/ CircuitPython

A how-to on making a simple USB media knob using rotary encoder and Neopixel ring: I like minimal solutions to problems. I was playing with a CircuitPython-enabled QT Py on a breadboard with and a rotary encoder and I ended up making a USB knob, like many others have done before. But I realized: waitaminute, […]

App note: Linear and rotary encoders are evolving to meet demands

Application notes from TT Electronics on optical encoders versatile sensing. Link here (PDF) Linear and rotary encoders have come in a wide variety of design styles over the years, the most common being rotary switches, potentiometers, capacitive, magnetic, and optical types. The optical encoder has become the most popular of these encoding methods due to […]

AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder video review

Here is a video review of the AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder IC. The maker of this video connected a scope to the output of the AS5040 IC, and demonstrates how the phase of the signals changes in relation to the angle of the magnetic field. We loved the LEGO-based rig. Demo of an evaluation board […]

Another DIY magnetic rotary encoder with the AS5043

Here’s another take on a breakout for the magnetic rotary encoder AS5043 IC: Just wanted to show my take on the AS5043. Double sided PCB by Seed, Voltage regulator onboard, one LED for power on, the other for magnetic range output. This chip measures the surrounding magnetic field and outputs a serial and analog reading […]

DIY Magnetic rotary encoder with AS5043

Sebastian would like to build a high-res 3D printer, and to this end he needs a precise way to ascertain the exact positions of various moving parts. Instead of buying an expensive stepper motors he decided to build a magnetic rotary sensor with which he could calculate the distance traveled. By placing a neodymium magnet […]